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Welcome to the Open Transformation Playbooks

launched January 2022

What is this?

This initiative is run by individuals that have assisted many organizations in their agile transformation. Over the years we believe that we have identified a market gap: there's very little non-proprietary guidance available to the leaders, practitioners, and employees that will be involved. The Open Transformation Playbooks are our attempt to remedy this.

Where should I start reading?

Organizational agile transformation is a big topic. When read in order, the playbooks build the background knowledge to frame decisions that need to be made. If unsure, start with the Purpose of Organizational Design.

Is this content complete? Is this all there is?

It's an ever changing world, so we expect this work to continuously evolve. From launch, we have a backlog of documents we are reviewing before publishing. Keen to add to this body of knowledge? see How do I contribute below.

A note on language

Even if you're already familiar with this space, we suggest reading the section on language which covers the taxonomy in use. We have observed some terms such as chapter and centre of excellence have wildly diffent meanings in different organizations; by being familiar with the language the open transformation playbooks use you'll be able to "translate" them to a taxonomy that works for you.

How are these works licensed? How do I contribute?

The Open Transformation Playbooks are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license.

We welcome contributions! As these are early days for the initiative there are two ways to do this: 1. use github's built in pull request functionality, or 2. Get in touch with us directly. see below

Who is behind this?

This initiative is sponsored by Teamform. TeamForm is a tool that helps leaders to plan, build, and manage cross-functional teams to improve work outcomes and reduce costs. Our consultancy services help organizations with their transformation program; that experience and our wish to guide people through this process is what influenced these playbooks.

The Open Transformation Playbooks are contributed to the community. While we believe that TeamForm is an excellent tool to execute these transformation playbooks, use of the tool is not required in order to read or use these playbooks!

  • @pdempster linkedIn, phil (at) teamform (dot) co
  • @martinffoster linkedIn, martin (at) teamform (dot) co