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Company or Organisation Objectives should captured and published, there are many articles and books on OKR and Objective setting. Remember these are at an Organisation wide level, not an implementation level.

The Organisation Objectives then help guide the Delivery Group(s) in creating create their Delivery Group Definition card.

It is best to capture the intent and goals of Delivery Group(s) first at a high level, allowing for easier strategic alignment at organisation level. Once all the perceived Delivery Group(s) have completed their definition cards, the cards can then be reviewed as a collective, mapped to the organisation Objective and prioritised. This is also a good time to reflect and modified any Definition cards enlightened by seeing all cards from Delivery Groups mapped to Objectives.

Here is a starting template for a Delivery Group Definition Card

Remember to keep things at a more strategic level for this stage, the goal of exercise is to start defining the number of Delivery Groups that will exist, things that might need to be stopped, and help provide the right focus. This is also a good time to think about dependancies of groups on each other, the less cross group dependancies the better for flow of work and delivery of outcomes.

Some guidelines of Delivery Group design and braking down the Delivery Group structure to a Team level is covered in the Org design section.