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Learn and Enhance

Try, Learn, Iterate and Improve Way of Working

Implementing and running the new organisational design will provide an abundance of learnings, a regular cadence should be in place to ensure that these learnings are reviewed and implemented. Try not to implement all things all the time, this will lead to change fatigue and potentially confusion, pick the items that will provide the highest team delivery outcomes. Some examples of what has worked include;

  • Quarterly design review in alignment with business and outcome based reviews
  • this is when any business change in priorities occur
  • Delivery needs become better informed and in turn forward forecasts, when the delivery grouping look at how they are currently tracking and their future ambitions. This forecasting providesa wealth of information for talent planing, skilling, acquisition and better understanding of capacity constraints.
  • Push back on work demands with know talent constraints.
  • Look at ways to enhance individuals capabilities and abilities to deliver outcomes
    • Example; pipeline management, testing harnesses, practices etc.
    • Tooling tips or new tooling acquisition to augment or enhance productivity
  • work that needs to be stopped is called out, either not providing value, enough has already been realised, business priority change or other market conditions.
  • Enhance forward looking talent need forecasts; giving the Talent supply areas of the organisation better understanding of what and how the needs of the organisation are changing.
  • Quarterly planning
  • Annual plan to help quarterly needs and reviews
  • intera group goal tracking
  • team goal tracking
  • Knowing when enough is enough (not needing to complete everything if enough value has already been realised)
  • Forward planning via Multi-year strategic organisation direction
  • cost modeling
  • ROI reviews
  • cost modelling
  • cost of outcome (strategy level)
  • ROI of outcomes
  • Productivity challenges
  • localised blockers and anchors (some call impediments)
  • Generalised blockers and anchors
  • Enablement tooling

Continual practice, learning and improvement should also be occurring as often as possible, this can also be enabled by bring people together at different levels with some cadence to share their cross team and company knowledge.

Remember the goal is to make the organisational design align as best as possible to the desired outcomes in service of the customer, bring the right work to the right people and empowering those people to make the decisions needed to deliver as efficiently as possible.