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Delivery Group Definition Card


Intended to keep stakeholders informed and "at bay" so as to minimise "requests for information". The same material can be used to induct resources onto the initiative.

  • what is the purpose and intention of this Group
  • the value proposition of this Group

Strategic Priority

for defined time period

  • what Organisation Objectives does this align to
  • How this might lead to enabling the future


for defined time period

  • The outcome that will be delivered

Key Activities

for defined time period

  • Key things that this group will do to achieve its Objectives

Out of Scope

Not doing for defined time period

  • Call out things are going to be stopped
  • Highlight Areas where there might be assumed scope that is not going to be done
  • Other items that maybe of interest that this group will Not be doing

Other supportive Information

  • Roadmap
  • Key Group level roles (Group/Product Owner, Coach, Support Crew)
  • These are members the form the Group team
  • All teams that live with the group.
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