Accelerator Enablers

Accelerate your teams and the greater ecosystem by having a deep knowledge of team;

  • structures
  • members
  • purpose
  • influencers (line management and business outcomes stakeholders)

Bring to life structural challenges holding back the teams and the flow of work, empowers you to have informed conversation and justify changes to create the right environment.

Ensure that strategic goals and objectives are captured, connected and communicated in a consistent and easily navigable way throughout the organisation. Srategic goals and objectives at every level in the organisational should be directly tied to measurable and deliverable outcomes. This makes it easier to for everyone to understand exactly what they are striving to achieve, ensures alignment and simplifies the prioritisation processes.

Capture and understand constraints, capacity challenges and value, enabling constructive conversations within teams, team groupings, through to the leadership team making sure that the righth things are working on and the right value becomes the focus.

Understand the movement of individuals joining or leaving teams, the changes in outcomes, the structure of the organisation is not always obvious especially as the organisation size gets larger. These movements and change can have different effects on teams, their productivity, their interactions, efficiency and potential loss of knowledge. These movements allow deeper analysis, providing better guidance to leadership teams, overall team performance and employee engagement.

Look at the people needs of the organisation to deliver the desired outcomes regardless of current hierarchal structure, this can provide detailed insights of what mix of people and capability to deliver what is being aimed for by the organisation has the right mix of people and capability.

Then again independently of the organisational structure look at the current mix of people and capability. This matching can show where cross skilling, upskilling, gluts or optimisation opportunities are needed to achieve the right results.

Personal and associated costs of delivery of strategic goals provide important indicators to leadership teams and directors if the right amount of the companies investment is focused on the right thing. Often when a whole of organisation rolled up view is available it can be quite different to what was expected.